Alihuen Accessibility Trail


If adventure is that idea of doing just one thing differently than you would have done before, then why not offer that opportunity to everyone who wants to seek it? Alihuen’s Accessibility Trail is a reminder that we are all capable of seeking something beyond ourselves.

Regardless of age, ability, or capacity, Alihuen’s Accessibility Trail offers just that. The trail blends the rare beauty of Chiloe (Chile’s “Magic Island”) with the accessibility and inclusivity rarely found within many of Chile’s natural parks.
The Alihuen ecofarm is built on a foundation of sustainability, education, and community outreach, which has created a new standard for reforestation and permaculture within Chile (and abroad, too!).

In doing so, we’re working to create a local movement powered by local and international supporters alike that brings to life environmental education, organic farming, water conservation, and ecotourism in Chile.

So, in 2021, we’ll expand our programming to be more inclusive with Alihuen’s Accessibility Trail, which aims to disable the label of adventure and redefine what access to the outdoors means… for everyone.

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