Penguin colony of Puñihuil and hiking along the Pacific Coast

On this one-day tour your guide will take you to the most beautiful and secluded spots of the West Coast far off the beaten track. You will have plenty of time to walk and observe the fauna and flora of different tranquil beaches. Every beach has its own beauty and charm. 

We'll walk along the beaches of Lechagua, Pumillahue, Mar Brava, Guabún, Quetalmahue and Puñihuil.

At the beach of Puñihuil we take a boat trip to visit the Humboldt and Magellan Penguin Colony. Beside the penguins there is the possibility to see flightless steamer ducks, kelp geese, red legged cormorants, oystercatchers, sea otters and sometimes even dolphins and sea lions!

What is included in the price: Private transport and bilingual guide, entrance to the National monument of Puñihuil and boat ride to the penguin colony.

Duration: 7 hours approximately
Languages: English, Spanish, French and Dutch
Months: September - May
Hiking level: easy
Lunch optional
Bring warm clothes and sunscreen!